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Broadway Vision


The Initiative is working to enhance the existing vitality of the Historic Downtown to make it a thriving, 24-hour urban place that includes:


• A residential neighborhood with residents living in historic structures converted to lofts, apartments, and live/work spaces;

•A nighttime entertainment district with restaurants, nightclubs, performing arts and movies

•A diverse mix of ground-floor retail activity;

•An ongoing connection to the Latino community and expanded appeal among all Angelenos

•An attractive and comfortable streetscape with new sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, and tree lined streets

•Secure, easy-to-find parking; and

•Brightly lit and rehabilitated historic buildings, signage and storefronts.


Broadway Initiative Action Plan


The Broadway Initiative Action Plan is an implementation-oriented framework for revitalizing Broadway and the Historic Downtown, prepared by the Conservancy in the summer of 1999.  The Action Plan lays the groundwork for Broadway, circa 2010, - a Broadway that maintains its special connection to Los Angeles’ Latino community while becoming a lively entertainment center, with its historic theaters renovated and reused for new entertainment uses.  When the plan is fully implemented, Broadway will emerge as a vital, central street for all of Los Angeles, giving new life to the City’s most important architectural treasures, creating thousands of new job opportunities, and generating tens of millions in new private-sector investment.  Building on the active retail environment found on today’s Broadway, the plan envisions a reinvigorated retail base with more diverse mix of ground floor uses.  The plan also contains a strong emphasis on converting vacant commercial buildings into residential space, creating a 24-hour historic core, with new residents living in apartments, artists’ lots, and live/work spaces.



The Historic Core is located in what is known as a Federal Empowerment Zone where it receives specific tax credits to encourage the economic development of the area.  There are also incentives that apply to the downtown area as a whole including:


•Block Grant Investment Fund


•Downtown Rebound Program


•Historic Preservation, Mills Act Property Tax Reduction


•Historic Preservation, National Register


•Tax Deductions for Conservation/ Façade Easement Donation


•Manufacturers’ Investment Tax Credit


•Transportation Funds


•Cultural Affairs Department





•Private Activity Housing Bonds


•FHA-Insured Mortgaged Financing


•Low Income Housing Tax Credit





•Employee Federal Tax Credit


•Department of Water & Power Discount


•Los Angeles Business Tax Freeze


•Bond Financing


•Community Development Bank Financing 

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